How to advertise your Regina rental property successfully

Every landlord’s goal in Regina is to find a great tenant to occupy their rental property. This is because without tenants you won’t generate rental income. What’s more, a vacant investment property can still generate expenses in the form of maintenance costs.

Keep Renters Happy

Securing a qualified tenant is step in ensuring the success of your rental business. When it comes to finding the right tenant, landlords and property owners need to implement an extensive screening process. This helps them to identify the prospective tenants that they would be comfortable having in…

Maintenance Tips for Rental

In a rental property, both the landlord and tenants alike have a part to play in its maintenance. A landlord is obligated to perform routine inspections, cater to the communal areas, and conduct prompt repairs when necessary.

Make Rental Feel Like Home

Several renters feel that their space is quite temporary and lacks their personality. Sure, there are limitations on how much you can do in a rented apartment or how much money you want to invest in a property you don’t own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own!

Normal Wear and Tear

It’s common knowledge that the more frequently an item is used, the more it deteriorates. When this happens to a rental unit, it is called “normal wear and tear,” and it’s a commonly accepted part of owning property. Through no fault of the tenant or the landlord, the property and its furnishings wi…