Several renters feel that their space is quite temporary and lacks their personality. Sure, there are limitations on how much you can do in a rented apartment or how much money you want to invest in a property you don’t own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own!

Everyone wants to come home to a place that feels like home. Here are some simple and affordable ways to spice up your rental space!

Add an accent wall

There are many ways to create a feature wall in your space. Whether it’s a simple coat of paint – may be a fun pop of color, some removable wall decals, or even a gallery wall, whatever you choose can make the space feel more fun and welcoming.

Think about what speaks to you and will make you feel more comfortable in your home. An accent wall is an easy feature to re-paint or remove decals or photos from when it’s time to move out of the space.

Hang curtains

Curtains or drapes are a great way to add warmth and texture to a room. A fun pattern will create some visual interest, or a light, flowy fabric can add depth.

Curtains also offer numerous functional features such as privacy, temperature control, and sound dampening. Not only will you feel more comfortable year-round, but you can save on energy costs by allowing less warm air out in winter and less hot air in during the summer.

Curtains are easy to remove and patch any holes when it’s time to move. HomeSense and Wayfair are great places to find deals on curtains and hardware.

Lay down an area rug

Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, or even carpet flooring, an area rug can add a lot to a space. An area rug can add warmth and texture to the room while grounding the furniture and creating a cozy environment for hard surfaces. For carpeted spaces, lay it right on top!

That adds a bit of visual texture and allows you to add some color and pattern that might speak to you. It gives a more personal touch to the space! An area rug can be very affordable and easy to swap out or move with you. Try places like IKEA, HomeSense, or even Walmart for cost-effective choices!

Showcase family photos and meaningful décor

Even if you’re in a temporary space, it’s still your home. Sentimental items and family photos are a great way to add a personal touch. Anything from some photos hung on the wall to a few knick-knacks placed around the space brings in the cozy feelings of family and friends.

If you’re worried about hanging things on the wall, photo albums are great too. Place them somewhere you can see them and peruse them when you feel like a bit of home may be missing.

Add some greenery

Plants and florals are so lovely year-round! They bring the outdoors in and create a sense of life and energy. Think about starting your indoor herb garden. Or purchase a small potted plant from your local nursery and allow it to grow with you throughout your journey.

If the idea of caring for living plants scares you, faux plants are a great option too. They still give you the benefits of natural elements, texture, and variety in your space. Whether living or a faux, you can easily transport plants when it’s time to move.

If you have the opportunity, an outdoor vegetable garden (even in a planter on your balcony!) is a fun way to get outside and grow your resources.

Refresh your décor

Purchase new fun accent pillows for your sofa, hang a wreath on your door for the season, or add a centerpiece to your dining table. Décor can be something several renters neglect because they think of it as more items to move. But why not make your space be somewhere you want to be and feel comfortable.

A few pieces here and there will bring you joy, which is always vital. If you’re on a budget, a fun idea could be to upcycle what you already have. Instead of replacing your pillows, replace the covers. Or rather than purchasing a new wreath for spring, make one! If you love the décor you already have but want a refresh, maybe try painting some pieces in a different color.

Whether you’re in a short-term space or a few years from moving, a rental shouldn’t feel like a temporary place to lay your head. Welcome in your favorite décor items, family memories, and colors that make you smile.

A neutral feel with pops of color, as shown by Michelle Murphy Interior Design, can make a space come to life. Remember to consider how easy the change is to remove or put back when it’s time to move out of the house.

It’s always advisable to confirm with your landlord or property manager before making any changes to the rental space. It’s time to grab a can of paint and some picture frames. Let’s make this space your home!