Cressman Realty & Property Management is a full-service property management company. Hiring us means you are hiring an experienced property management company that can help fulfil your investment goals.

As our client, you can expect solid results, stress-free property management, and superior customer service back up by over 20 years of real estate experience.

As real estate investors ourselves, we understand what exactly it takes to manage a single-family home successfully. We treat our clients’ rentals just as we would our own!

So, how exactly can Cressman Realty & Property Management help you get the maximum return for your investment? Being a full-service property management company, we can help you fill your vacancies, screen tenants, collect rent, care for your rentals and more!

This means that you can enjoy hands-off, frustration-free ownership. Get in touch with us to get started. You can do so by dialing (306) 584-7368 or by sending us a message at


From filling vacancies to finding qualified tenants, Cressman Realty & Property Management is involved in every aspect of property management. Because we understand how frustrating property management can be, our goal is to offer you stress-free services, giving you peace of mind as the owner of a rental property.


With over two decades of real estate experience, we can help you fill your Regina property fast. We will list your property on multiple platforms for maximum reach.

Prospective tenants search for their next home using a variety of ways. Some prefer the digital route, which includes looking for homes via Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji, as well as rental listing sites like Zillow, Padmapper and Zumper.

There are also others that prefer going the ‘traditional’ route, which includes yard signs, newspaper ads, and bulletin boards.

At Cressman Realty & Property Management, we understand how costly a vacant home can be. As such, our aim is to find a tenant as quickly as possible.


Good tenants are those that are reliable and responsible. A good tenant will not only pay rent on time but will also care for the home like they would their own.

Cressman Realty & Property Management doesn’t take chances when it comes to placement of new tenants. We meticulously screen every tenant to gauge their suitability to rent our rentals.

Our screening process goes beyond just the basics of checking and verifying a tenant’s credit rating. We dig deeper and verify income level, criminal status, social media activity, and identity verification.

We also call previous landlords to learn more about a tenant. We ask them questions such as: did the tenant pay rent on time? Did the tenant abide by the terms of the lease agreement? Was the tenant respectful? Did the tenant let you know that they are looking to move out? Would you rent to the tenant again?

The screening process ensures we minimize the chances of renting to a troublesome tenant that could cause damage outside of normal wear and tear.


Rent collection is an onerous task for many property owners in Regina. And this is especially true if you have rented to difficult tenants.

But luckily for you, working with us means getting paid on time, every time. In fact, all you need to do once you hire us is watch your income accumulate in your bank account.

At Cressman Realty & Property Management, we require that tenants pay us by the 1st of every month. We accept rent payments in a few ways, including by cheque and e-transfer. Also, upon request, we can also set up automatic payments.

We, however, don’t allow cash payments, in an effort to keep everyone safe.


How much you charge tenants can make or break your investment. Do you want to know the earning potential of your Regina, SK rental property? If so, Cressman Realty & Property Managment can certainly help.

We can conduct a detailed market analysis to help you in this regard. What’s more, it won’t cost you a dime! Get in touch with us today to get started.


Just as we work tirelessly to ensure we have a good, lasting relationship with property owners like yourself, we also strive to build a solid relationship with tenants.

Doing so usually helps us know our tenants better and provide better services to them. Consequently, we’re able to keep tenant turnovers low and our clients’ units cared for.

In addition, we deal with maintenance issues pro-actively. We don’t wait until something gets out of hand to respond. Our maintenance crew deals with any issues personally and quickly.

We keep meticulous records of everything we say or do to ensure our actions comply with the rental board regulations.


As property owners ourselves, we understand that maintenance and repairs are part and parcel of owning an investment home. We carry out inspections every 3 months to make sure that everything is in great condition.

If we find something amiss, we’ll get in touch with our in-house maintenance crew right away to address it.

For large repairs, we’ll get multiple quotes. We’ll always let you know when repair estimates are higher than the agreed-upon price.

It also goes without saying that our maintenance team is available 24/7 to respond to tenant issues – even if it’ Christmas morning. That’s how much we care about our tenants!


Cressman Realty & Property Management is one of the fastest growing property management companies in Regina. Our staff has a combined property management experience nearing two decades.

Hiring us is not just hiring another property management company. Rather, it means having a peace of mind knowing your valuable asset is in safe hands. It also means getting solid results from your investment, less the hassles that come with managing it.

Besides managing multi-family properties, Cressman Realty & Property Management also manages single-family homes, townhomes and condos. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship and bring real value to property owners.

Part of our exceptional service is solid communication and being responsive to our clients’ needs.

So, ready to experience quality rental management services? Then contact us today by dialing 306.584.7368. We’ll be happy to assist in any way we can!