Are you thinking of investing in Regina, Saskatchewan?

If so, Cressman Realty & Property Management can help. Started in 2018, Cressman Realty & Property Management has the experience, skills and local market knowledge to help you make the best investment decision.

Whatever you are looking for, be it a single-family home, an apartment, a condominium, or even a commercial property, rest assured we can help. What’s more, we work with both local and out-of-province investors.

At Cressman Realty & Property Management, our team of realtors is involved in every facet of Regina community life. And this helps us stay better informed in order to help our clients find the best home.

Why Invest in Regina?

Admittedly, the housing market in Regina has been termed “relatively weak” in previous years. That said, in the last couple of years, the city’s economy has witnessed rapid growth.

So much so, that even EDR’S vice president – David Froh – when unveiling the city’s economic report, quipped, “We are now in a period of growth – full stop.”

In 2019, for instance, the GDP soared to a whopping $400 million. That growth trajectory is expected to continue even into 2021.

And even despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, the city’s housing market continue to outpace those of Canada as a whole.

So, if you’re interested in investing in Regina, now would be the best time.


Cressman Realty & Property Management is a leading real estate company in Regina. We specialize in both realty services and property management. Since 2018, we have helped numerous clients find and manage their properties.


Buying a good investment property can be fun and exciting. It can mean earning a passive income for many years to come.

That said, buying an investment home can sometimes prove tricky, especially if this is your first-time. Without ample experience, you may end up making mistakes that may cost you a fortune. For example:

  • Buying in the wrong location, which can make your investment property unattractive to prospective tenants.
  • Not considering all expenses associated with your property. Examples of such costs include closing costs, taxes, renovation, and cost of marketing the property to new tenants.
  • Failing to buy a positive cash flow property.
  • Overextending yourself with your mortgage.
  • Failing to research about the neighborhood; consequently, ending up buying in an undesirable area.
  • Not looking at enough investment properties prior to buying.

When it comes to choosing an investment home, there is more to consider than just looks. And that’s where realtors come in. A professional realtor has the skills and experience to help you make the right choice.
At Cressman Realty & Property Management, we can help you find the property of your dreams. We’ll find one that will meet all your requirements, from the budget to the location to the property type.

That’s a Cressman promise you can count on!

If you hire us, we’ll do more than just scout a good investment property for you. We’ll help you:

  • Get good financing.
  • Buy in the right neighborhood.
  • Handle all the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Get your Regina property ready to rent.

So, what are you still waiting for? Call us today and let us help you find the right investment home for your needs. We have done it for others, we can also do the same for you!

You can reach us by dialing (306) 584-736, or by leaving us a message here.


You see, managing a property isn’t for anyone. While anyone can certainly own an investment property, not anyone has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to run it effectively.

For starters, property management involves a ton of things. As a landlord, you need to know:


You need to know how to use both offline and online marketing tactics to rent out your property faster. Because, with each passing day that your property is vacant, that is money down the drain.


No two tenants are ever created the same. Some are every Regina landlord’s dream, while others are anything but grief. A good property manager, through a vigorous tenant screening process, can help you choose the right tenant. One who’ll pay rent on time, care for your property, and rent long-term.


If you didn’t choose your tenants correctly, chances are that rent collection will be a nightmare. Hiring a professional property manager can help minimize late and missing rent. A good company has policies in place to ensure tenants pay on time, every time.


Property maintenance is key to being a successful landlord. A good property manager has the skills, experience, and resources to ensure their client’s rental always looks good.

Cressman Realty & Property Management is a full-service property management company. We manage properties – from condos to single-family homes – across Regina and in the fringe areas of the city.

We can help you find and screen tenants, collect rent, maintain your property, and more. In other words, we are a one-stop shop for all the management needs you may have!

As property owners ourselves, we can help ensure your investment is continually working for you.


Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. It’s the second largest in the province, after Saskatoon. As of the 2016 census, Regina has a population of 236,481 people.

The city is diverse, with indigenous people contributing a significant percentage of its population.

Although often overlooked on many traveler’s itineraries, Regina is home to many fun and unique attractions. Some of the top attractions the city has to offer include:

  • Regina Floral Conservancy
  • RCMP Heritage Center
  • Mackenzie Art Gallery
  • Saskatchewan Science Center
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Provincial Legislative Building
  • Wascana Lake and Wascana Center
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Stone Hall Castle
  • Kiwanis Waterfall Park