Every landlord’s goal in Regina is to find a great tenant to occupy their rental property. This is because without tenants you won’t generate rental income. What’s more, a vacant investment property can still generate expenses in the form of maintenance costs.

It’s only by keeping your Regina rental home occupied that a landlord can achieve peace of mind. To meet that goal, one needs to have strong marketing skills. Your Regina rental home could display all the top amenities that tenants desire, but with a lack of advertisement, you might find yourself not generating leads. Show off your renovations and amenities in order to see tenants flocking to your rental property.

This article will provide you with some tips to help you market your rentals.

Importance of Effective Rental Advertising

When you have a proven approach to advertising your Regina rental home, you can benefit from:

  • Having a large selection of prospective renters
  • Gaining more qualified leads when conducting tenant screening
  • Little financial loss and more reliable earnings
  • Peace of mind since high-quality renters take care of the rental space better

Tips for Effective Rental Advertising

Put in Effort When it Comes to Photography

When making a rental ad you want images that draw in and excite prospects. You may be a great landlord, but prospective tenants will look at the property before they even meet you. By showing professional images, you help influence the viewers’ decisions to book a property showing.

People tend to be drawn to the images of the property before they look at the actual copy or description of the unit. If the image is interesting then the listings will be read in full.

Because of the importance of images in the marketing process be sure to include images of your top amenities. Therefore it’s important that you prepare the space before taking the photos.

Check out the appearance of your rental and ask the following questions:

  • Is it clean?
  • Is it clutter-free?
  • Is the curb appeal attractive?
  • Does it make the viewer want to live there?

Once you’ve prepared the unit, you need to consider the lighter. Natural light is best so schedule a photoshoot during the day. Next, you want to prepare a shot list to ensure that you don’t forget to capture important elements in the rental.

Here are some additional things to think about prior to shooting:

  • What angle looked the best in photos?
  • Does the photo provide the best overall appearance of the unit?
  • Have you covered every part of the rental home that viewers want to see?
  • Is your camera set up sufficient?

Prepare an Excellent Copy

Once you’ve successfully completed your Regina rental home’s photoshoot, it’s time to turn your attention to crafting a great copy. It should stir more interest, engage the prospective renters and match the attractive photos.

It must have a cohesive story so it contains an emotional pull making it memorable to the target audience. Landlords need to focus on the headline and description of the copy.

Headlines matter a lot because they can impact the prospect’s decision on whether to read the entire copy or skip it altogether. It’s recommended to include the rent price, number of rooms, property type, location, and best features.

These details are important to include because they:

  • Provide key information that renters want to know.
  • Allow prospects to quickly determine if this listing is right for them.

Once you’ve come up with a headline, it’s time to make your description. Property descriptions for your Regina rental home are vital to connecting the headlines and images. The descriptions can expand on more specific details that future renters will want to learn more about.

Include the following information in the description:

  • The amenities you provide. Is there parking, in-unit laundry, or a private balcony? Does the property come furnished?
  • Describe the neighborhood and what it’s like living there.
  • Restrictions that may be in place. For instance, do you allow pets? Do you permit subletting?
  • The distance of your rental to the nearest transportation hub.

Analyze Your Ad Distribution

Now that you have professional grade photos and a well-written copy, you need to think of how you’re going to get this ad viewed. You want to focus on a higher exposure.

Think about the best sites that potential renters search for when looking at Regina rental homes. Avoid confining yourself to a single channel of advertising.

Here are sites to keep in mind:

  • Zillow
  • Hotpads
  • Craigslist
  • Redfin
  • Zumper
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Think about where your target audience prefers to scan for rental properties. Remember that each demographic will have a medium that they’re more comfortable with. Therefore, don’t rely solely on digit marketing. You can make use of yard signs, referrals, and flyers too.

Take time to monitor the ads and perform updates. It’s best to remain focused and put in the effort required to gain higher traction of views as this will help separate you from your competition.

Remember, advertising isn’t a one-time thing. The more you work at it, the better the results will be.

Bottom Line

Investing in your Regina rental home is only the first step. You then need to advertise the rental and find qualified tenants. When you are effective in marketing, you earn a profitable income.

Remember to take professional photos of the unit and its amenities, produce an engaging copy, and pick the right advertising vehicle.

If you would like help advertising or managing your rentals contact the experts at Cressman Realty & Property Management today!