How to be a great landlord

If you recently decided to convert your property into a rental, you might want to learn more about managing your unit and being a good landlord. Venturing into the rental industry requires learning essential skills in order to offer excellent service to your tenants.

Saskatchewan Eviction Process

As a landlord in Saskatchewan, you may be able to evict a tenant from your rental property based on certain criteria like non-payment of rent, excessive property damage, or gross violation of the lease terms.

Saskatchewan Fair Housing Act

Are you a landlord in Saskatchewan, Canada? How much do you know about the Saskatchewan Fair Housing Act? Well, if you don’t know much, then you risk getting sued for discrimination.

Saskatchewan Rental Laws

Under Saskatchewan tenancy law, both landlords and tenants have certain rights and obligations under the rental contract. These rights and obligations are highlighted under both the Residential Tenancies Act of 2006 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations of 2007.

Security Deposit Law in Saskatchewan

Are you looking to understand Saskatchewan security deposit laws? The security deposit is an essential component of any landlord and tenant relationship. It must be properly described in your lease or tenancy agreement. However, you can’t make up novel security deposit rules that fail to comply…