Are you looking to fill vacant rental units? Crafting a good property listing is the best way to get prospective tenants interested in your rental!

The best ad copy has the power to make you pause and read the entire description. It even motivates the prospect to contact the landlord immediately and request a property tour.

Great descriptions combined with well-taken photos can be hard to ignore and will therefore help you fill vacancies more quickly, thus protecting your income stream.

It takes practice to write effective ads and successfully market your rentals, but in time you become more familiar with it. This article will offer tips on writing a superb ad copy that garners attention for your rental properties. Here are some of the best tips you can apply:

Draw in the Reader

You want to be able to draw prospective tenants the moment see your listing. Your first line can determine whether the readers will keep reading or turn their attention elsewhere. Your words and tone should be powerful enough to inspire them to read the entire ad.

Find the right words and keep your readers’ focus. Avoid vague or generalized statements. Try to evoke emotions with your words to build engagement and make your listing stand out from the competition.

Create Eye-Catching Headlines

With your ad copy, the headline is the first thing that calls out to the reader. If you write a great headline, you should be able to attract the viewers to read the entire ad. Your headline should draw them to find out more about the unit.

You want to keep the headline short so as to not overwhelm the viewer but provide enough details about the property that they become intrigued to read more.

Use the Correct Words in the Property Descriptions

A good tip is to note your property’s best-selling features. Then you need to think about the words to use to convey to the reader what the home looks like. Adjectives are very important and they must be fitted to the property.

If your property has large windows then describe the space as bright or offering plenty of natural light. If the unit is on the smaller side you can want to describe it as cozy. Whatever words you use, make sure that they are still truthful and engaging.

Highlight Unique Features of the Property

Being upfront about the finest point of the property right at the beginning can make the reader want to continue reading. It sets your property apart from the rest so emphasize the best and most unique feature.

Think about what your target renter would appreciate and talk about that. For example, a family raising kids would enjoy a spacious fenced-in yard to set up a play area and plenty of storage.

A working professional commuting to work would be impressed with a covered parking spot. Be detailed when describing your best property features and always keep your target demographic in mind.

Keep Your Real Estate Ad Short but Detailed

Too much text can overwhelm people so be concise. Go for an ad copy that’s under 200 words. This means that your words should be packed with full information that includes the price, size of the property, and its location.

It’s also vital to include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You should also mention any additional amenities offered.

You can also detailed upgrades are done to the property, and its proximity to convenient amenities such as transportation hubs, schools, or malls. Talk about the neighborhood since location is a deciding factor for many renters.

Avoid Using Negative Language or Tones

Taking a negative tone can make readers stay away. For instance, instead of saying that the kitchen is small, you should state that it’s efficient with everything being easily in reach. Always think about the benefits your property offers renters.

If the best feature of your property is its location then waste no time including details about the neighbourhood in your property description. The truth shouldn’t be distorted though, you must remain realistic without using a negative tone.

Always Proofread the Listing

Your first draft should be polished and proofread before it gets published. Be more critical of your work. You can even hand it to someone else who can look at it objectively so you get a frank assessment.

Find time to edit and revise. Some issues can be overlooked since you were so busy writing down all the information. It’s better to take the extra time to correct mistakes rather than have the ad published containing errors.

If the description is bare, you can always add more information or descriptions of specific features. When proofreading your listing it’s best to look at it from the perspective of a tenant. If you find the listing engaging and accurate, then there’s a better chance that the renter will too.

Mind Your Ending Statement

It’s not only the beginning that’s essential, you also need to focus on your closing lines. This is where you do a final pitch and provide a call to action.

If you want them to check out more photos or schedule a property showing, provide links and updated contact information. Be open to inquiries and leave your phone number and email address.

If you’ve done your job right by the end, they’ll be looking for that information so that they can move forward with viewing the property in person.

Bottom Line

Learning how to write powerful property descriptions is a skill worth curating to generate interest for your property and maximize your income. An excellent real estate ad copy showcases the best features of the unit and turns a reader into a prospective tenant. It can make your property shine among your competitors.

If you need help marketing or managing your rental properties, contact the experts at Cressman Realty & Property Management today!