Prior to entertaining prospective renters, you need to assess the state of your rental unit. If you want immediate occupancy and high interest, it must look attractive, well-kept, and fully functional to be rent-ready. Prospects have certain expectations when they’ve carved time in their schedules for a property showing.

Preparing your rental home beforehand also means you are taking a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs. This can be attractive to tenants who may want to stay in your property long-term, which means a more stable source of income for you!

Marketing a home requires you to prepare beforehand. You want to avoid being accused of false advertising. So, it’s best to ensure your property is ready for its new tenants. Cressman Realty & Property Management has put together some tips you can follow so your rental is deemed fit for moving in:

1. Deep cleaning

No matter how beautiful the architecture of your rental home, if it looks messy then it won’t be worth a second glance. Presenting a clean property is expected for tenants to appreciate your space. If dust encircles your furnishing and multiple stains cover the flooring, it won’t leave much to be desired.

Hire professional cleaners who can perform deep cleaning. They can reach hard to clean spots and use quality cleaning products, while also saving you precious time.

You should schedule regular cleaning. Even if there are currently no occupants, a home can still gather dust. When repairs are being done inside the house, you can still expect the place to get soiled with shoe prints and after-repair grime. Be particular about cleaning to pique the interest of prospects.

2. Property inspection

View your property in the eyes of the prospective tenants. Step into their shoes. Be observant and notice everything. Rate the cleanliness of the rental property. Set a standard in terms of cleanliness and appearance. Even how the place smells can be a huge factor in a prospect’s decision.

Evaluate the place from walking the entryway to circling the entire rental unit. No area should be spared from scrutiny. Some areas to focus on are outlets, window blinds and draperies, door locks, window locks, window frames, paint, faucets, appliances, and garbage bins.

To make this process easier, jot down all the interior and exterior parts on a list. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t leave any important details. It lets you take a proactive approach to unit repairs, so your tenants won’t have to.

3. Maintenance and repairs

You can’t expect prospects to be impressed with a unit in a state of disrepair. So, prepare a checklist to go over each appliance and HVAC system in your property. You want to ensure that all the lights are working. You want to install new air filters. Dismissing minor issues can lead to bigger problems. While at its manageable state, deal with the repair.

As soon as prospects walk in the door, they need to feel assured that everything is working properly. They can move in the rental with zero issues. Avoid showing a unit that still needs renovations done to it, as it can negatively affect the perception of your property.

Be reasonable when assessing the wear and tear of the items around your rental home. Frequent repairs can lead to greater expenses over the long run. Replacing an old item can save time and energy. This means you won’t be facing frequent tenant complaints or repair requests. Weigh your options.

Scheduling repairs

Fixing damages requires contacting contractors and vendors. Make it a smooth process. You should already know what is due for repairs and avoid calling every few days to tackle another repair project. Do it once so you can get your property rent-ready quickly and earn income.

Performing repairs on your own

The temptation to do the repairs yourself is great when you aim to save money. But before considering this alternative, be honest with your skills. You might end up spending more. Engage the services of a professional so the work is efficient and properly executed.

4. Curb appeal improvement

Assign priority in your curb appeal as this is an area that can control first impressions. If your property appears short on the outside, prospects may not even walk inside your property. In fact, the initial look of your curb appeal can evoke snap judgments right away.

Foster excitement so renters will want to book a property showing. Cultivate an amazing curb appeal that makes it irresistible for prospects to turn down a chance to see the inside of your unit.

There are several ways to achieve this such as great landscaping and clean surroundings. Renters expect that the state of your curb appeal is the way you manage the condition of your home interiors as well.

Spare time for landscaping

While extra outdoor space is an in-demand amenity, if it looks neglected, it can be ignored by potential renters. Schedule regular mowing and trimming so your curb appeal retains a fresh appearance. If you have trees and shrubs, unsightly branches should be cut out. It will help keep off the leaves on your rooftop and avoid hitting the glass windows.

Keep the place neat and get rid of trash

A neat looking exterior can elicit admiration. This means maintaining zero clutter in the form of broken furnishing and garden tools lying around. The front walkway must be visible and clean. At night, bright lighting should pave the entrance to create a welcoming vibe to your rental home.

Final Thoughts

A rent-ready home requires ample attention. To get your rental space off the market right away and earn valuable income, it’s crucial to put in the effort. Expecting new tenants immediately without looking over the rental property is unrealistic.

If you have limited time, you can always decide to hire a professional property management company. They can help you get your rental space in top condition at a reduced time. It’s also less time-consuming considering they have enough manpower and skills. Once you prepare your property for renters, it means you’ll land a tenant sooner, and you’ll earn income immediately!

Contact Cressman Realty & Property Management today for any additional questions you might have, or if you are interested in find out how our property management services can help you prepare your property for renters. We have the best resources, sufficient experience, and a reliable network to handle the repairs and maintenance of your rental unit.