Among the factors that tenants look at, besides the rental fee, is how safe the unit is. As a landlord, you must have security measures in place to meet the vital need of your tenants. You want to take reasonable steps to protect your occupants from experiencing discomfort or danger.

The prospect of keeping people safe can feel daunting. Here are great practices you can implement to keep your rental units and tenants safe:

Secure the Access Points to Your Unit

Since doors and windows tend to be vulnerable, it’s essential to ensure that they are solid and in perfect working condition. The locks should also be durable and reliable. Attach deadbolts and also maintain sturdy door frames that don’t easily give in.

You can select a metal or solid wood material which can be tough to break into. An intruder, for instance, would be looking to enter quickly, these barriers will require more time and effort to crack, therefore dissuading them from entering in the first place.

Don’t forget to rekey the locks when you have a new tenant to prevent old renters from entering the property. Avoid ignoring your window security, too. Since windows can be easier to break into, it’s essential to secure them. Make sure that they’re locked and sturdy.

Prioritize Safety

Get your security measures sorted out before accepting a new tenant. Once you’re able to enhance your security system, you can include it as a great feature in marketing your property. This creates an increased demand as a result.

You also want to warn potential trespassers about the presence of your security system. Post signs but make sure that they’re generic. It’s discouraged to promote specific security system models to prevent burglars from studying how to disengage them.

Intruders generally keep away from properties with an advertised safety mechanism in place. Prospect tenants on the other hand are drawn to these properties as they’ll feel more comfortable staying somewhere where their safety is prioritized.

Engage the Services of a Property Management Company

If you consider your rental as an investment then you naturally want to operate it using efficient methods. This includes hiring professional property managers who have the right systems in place, industry knowledge, and are fully reliable in helping you reach your investment goals.

Property managers can take on plenty of landlord duties such as maintaining the unit day to day, screening prospective renters, being in charge of the leasing agreement, and more. This ensures a property owner’s peace of mind as they can trust their properties are being professionally managed.

Pick the Right Tenants

Since you’re allowing strangers to live in your unit, it helps to ensure you’re both on the same page. Be detailed when screening their rental and employment history, among other things. By having great renters, you naturally protect your asset from property damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear.

Be Consistent with Property Maintenance

You have a responsibility to keep your rental property habitable and compliant with safety and building codes. As such, take time to properly care for your property by actively scheduling property inspections and preventative maintenance.

If you hire property managers, you’d have an extra support team looking after your rental asset who are experts in taking care of your property.

Prioritize Getting Insurance

One of the best security measures is having property insurance. Shop around for the best homeowner insurance coverage that protects you from various damages. Carefully go over the policies to make sure it carries the terms you want. So, should the time come that you need to make claims, you can rely on your insurance plan.

Foster a Good Relationship with Neighbours

To keep your rental investment safe, it pays to develop a good relationship with your neighbours who can also be an extra set of eyes watching over your property. They can report any instances of odd behaviour at the property when you or the tenants aren’t present.

Aside from that, you can also trust them to help you out during an urgent property crisis. They can help call the police, firemen, or medics on your behalf during property emergencies.

Add External Lighting to Your Rental

Secure the premises by setting up exterior lighting. Consider adding a motion sensor to track movements from possible intruders. This can send intruders into a panic and deter them from coming closer.

Put exterior lighting in the low-light areas and the main access points including the front and backdoor. You can also place a couple more in areas that are good hiding places.

Add a Security System to Your Rental Property

When you prioritize the security system, you’ll gain more peace of mind. It also helps get rid of burglars and trespassers by keeping your rental tightly secure.

To enable trust from your renters, you must have a well-functioning security system setup. Meet with the renters on their move-in day and show them how to properly use the security systems.

Remove the Hiding Places

Get rid of potential hiding places. Place motion sensor lighting around your garden shed and garage. Trim down foliage and long branches and make your exterior decors minimal.

Don’t plant giant bushes where intruders can take cover. When you remove or limit the hiding areas, intruders won’t take chances to expose themselves and getting caught.

Implement Proper Documentation

Should theft occurs, it’s great to have a record of what you lost. It’s easier to report when you have the right model, color, and serial number listed for proper identification. You can also record photos of the items for visual documentation.

Bottom Line

Upgrading your property’s security ensures the safety of your renters and your investment. It represents your dedication to providing not only habitable living quarters but also a safe space to stay in.

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