Maybe you’ve purchased an investment property with the intention of managing it yourself - but the commitment is greater than you expected. Maybe you want to sell your home but due to market conditions, renting it makes more economic sense. Or you’re moving away, and you need a reliable manager to care for your property in your absence.

There are many reasons why property owners come to Cressman Realty and Property Management. Mainly, they choose Cressman because we offer peace-of-mind and stability for your investment. Our clients know that as a management company, Cressman is committed to helping you get the best results - so you can get the best night’s sleep.

Reasons to Hire Cressman Realty and Property Management

1. Stability for your investment

We know the Regina real estate market. We look at your overall plan for your property investment and help you plan for the future levelling out the peaks and valleys and selling when the time is right.

2. We’re property owners too

We’ve been real estate investors for # years. We have an intimate understanding of the market, and we know what it takes to successfully manage rental properties. We take care of your property as if it is one of our own.

3. Hands-on or hands-off, it’s up to you

You can be as engaged as you want as an investor, while not being bogged down with the duties of ownership. We know everything about your home and your tenant, and where things stand. So when you want to know, just ask.

4. We put respectful, long-term tenants in your home

We work hard to find solid tenants who respect your property and treat it like their own home. We never rely on referrals from a previous landlord. Prospective tenants undergo an exhaustive screening process that includes background and criminal checks - and even a scan of their social media feeds!

5. Your property is proactively managed

Rather than waiting for an issue to come up, we conduct a property check every three months to ensure all is well. We speak with your tenants directly and keep records of every encounter. We have eyes on your property at all times.

6. We go to bat for you

If we find that it is necessary to evict a tenant, we will represent you in a claim with the ORT (Office of Residencial Tenancies), so you don’t have to. We are experienced, confident and fully prepared with documents that show we have grounds for an eviction.

7. We respect your bottom line

Should your property require repairs and maintenance, we look at cost-effective solutions keeping your best interests in mind. We will contact you if high-cost repairs over $000 are needed and obtain more than one estimate for your review. If you want to do any work yourself, you can co-ordinate with our in-house maintenance team to enter the suite to make repairs.

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